Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meat and Mike

Good interview with Mike from Check out Collecting Firewood with Mike Gordon.


Here's Mike Gordon Band at Gathering of the Vibes last year performing Meat...


Irongirl01 said...

I read this the other day and was impressed with Mike's work ethic and how he creates. I know from Scott's blog the quintet does various musical exercises when they practice.

What i think is amazing about Mike is how a sometime Engineering major became not just a musician (music and math come from the same side of the brain I believe) but an artist. Cactus gets maligned as a weird dude but I think hes actually a pretty cool dude. His interests are so varied and actually pretty normal.

BTreotch said...

Mike Gordon
September 8, 2009
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

Mike Gordon
September 9, 2009
Somerville Theatre
Somerville, MA

Mike Gordon
September 10, 2009
Port City Music Hall
Portland, ME

Mike Gordon
September 11, 2009
Bearsville Theater
Woodstock, NY

Mike Gordon
September 12, 2009
The State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

Reid Genauer (with Mike Gordon on a tune)
September 12, 2009
The State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

Mike Gordon
September 14, 2009
Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, NC

Mike Gordon
September 15, 2009
The Orange Peel
Asheville, NC

Mike Gordon
September 17, 2009
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA

Mike Gordon
September 18, 2009
Freebird Live
Jacksonville, FL

Mike Gordon
September 19, 2009
WorkPlay SoundStage Theatre
Birmingham, AL

Andres said...


Can you post Chicago's show via if/when you get it?

mikey freshh said...

thanks for the links.
gordo funked it up at freebird.
my 100:1 odds of 'swamp music' in a skynard family venue paid off! swamp swamp swamp swamp music.