STS9 Setlists - 5/16/08 and 5/17/08 House of Blues in Hollywood, CA

STS9 played a special two night run at the House of Blues in West Hollwood. I only caught the Saturday night show.

I'm not a hardcore Sound Tribe fan, but I've been to over 25+ shows spread out over a decade. I've seen them open for other bands (like Trey in Red Rocks), perform at festivals like Langerado or Bonnaroo, and even saw them play late night shows at Langerado and Vegoose. They are definitely one of the bands you see around 2am after your second roll kicked in.

The Joker is the STS9 guru and has caught them a bunch of times. His assessment of the setlists/shows were that they mixed up a lot of newer songs from the last two years along with some of their classics.

I thought set 1 was above average, but they had several raise the roof moments in set 2. Highlights included... Glogli which is m favorite STS9 tune.
5.16.08 STS9 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA

Set 1: ISB (new intro), Monkey Music, Bigs, By The Morning Sun, Common Objects Strangely Placed, Yes/No, 1103, New Song

Set 2: The Rabble, Be Nice, Instantly, Water Song, Really Wut, Mischief, One A Day

Encore: Aimlessly

5.17.08 STS9 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA

Set1: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Tooth, 118, F Word, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, This Us, Breath In > Arigato

Set 2: EHM (extended), Glogli, ABCees > Evasive Maneuvers, From Now On, Rent, Open E

Encore: Moonsockets, So It Goes > Breathe In
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Anonymous said…
Some of the greatest sound tribe sets i have seen. The second night set two has to go down as one of the hardest hitting sets i have been involved with. at no point during the night were my feet standing still, and the new horizontal lights only had to the effect. Seriously great job in LA!

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