Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Au - Verbs (2008)

The nodatta music blog tagged Au's new album as "abstract, ambient, experimental." That's not much to go on, but a good start - enough to get me to hunt down their myspace and check out their tunes. As soon as RR vs D started to play I knew I'd be enjoying the whole album as fast as Brighthouse's bandwidth would allow. That hipster-know-it-all-son-of-a-bitch Bob Boylen evidently felt the same way because he led off with the same song for last week's NPR: All Songs Considered "Great Unknowns Showcase." It's a bright piece of work, tangential and surprising.

The skinny: album comes in late June, the man behind Au is Luke Wyland, he uses a collective of (surprise, surprise) Portland, Oregon, based artists. Fans of Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Akron/Family will especially dig this. They only have west coast dates scheduled this summer, hopefully that'll change.

official website


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this! I have been really wanting to hear the record for awhile.. especially after RR vs D!

help. what is the password?

Anonymous said...

I found it on the nodata blog.

it's nodata.tv

Anonymous said...

I hate to do this but as a representative of Aagoo Records and on behalf of Au we kindly ask that you take down this link to download Verbs. Its not out until June 24th and would not want to have to contact our lawyers.
Sincerest regards (and thanks for the kind words on the music).

BTreotch said...

No problem, we're taking it down, but not because of the lame, empty lawyer threat. Keep up the good work.

the joker said...

Au should be happy that BTreotch is pimping his/their music instead of leaving passive agressive comments on music blogs. If people really want to find it, its pretty easy even without the link up.