Friday, May 09, 2008

Radiohead Charlotte 5/9/08 - Live Blog

11:45 lot is clearing out but still seems a clusterfuck getting out. I gave a high five to the kid playing YEM and a kid with a clemson plate is puking off the bed of his 4 door diesel dodge pickup while his girlfriend waits to drive out of the lot.

11:32 found a couple that likes to have sex to radiohead but would prefer sts9. Move my peeps more specifically. There is a tank in the radiohead lot- maybe the hippies like radiohead after all.

11:25 hangin in the lot with my knomies.

11:07 thank god finally people are setting off fireworks in the lot! Broseph tries to sell beer In the lot 1 for 3, 2 for 5!

Set 1:
All I need
There there
15 step (random raindrops)
(Dedicated to the good people of north carolina) sail to the moon
Fluffhead>moma dance
Weird fishes/apreggi
Morning bell
Where I end and you begin
You and whose army?
Everything in its right place
Bangers £ mash(thom Really loves playing that song)
10:09 end of set

E1: woa this is a song I do not know. Serious. Btreotch says it is an in rainbowz bside. Check a real radiohead fan site.
Talk show host
Exit music
Planet telex (woa they showed us the tye dye hippie lights! I thought I had seen it all till that!)
House of cards
10:35 end of encore

E2:(johnny takes a photograph of crowd)
Paranoid android
(Very tight!better than last night)

End of show 10:55


8:47 lights out

8:30 met some kids that know about w00k 17. Word.

8:07 sun is setting, rain has passed. Going to head in soon.

7:35 finally got my ticket from intheblimpalot from PT.

Last 5 things heard blaring out of a car:
Tom tom club
Radiohead(weird fishes)
Queens of the stone age
Phish(weekapaug from slip stitch and pass)
Nine inch nails

Invited the kids over to smoke that were listening to phish.

7:17 just bought a poster in the lot. Quote of the night from blonde girl behind us "I don't want to get struck by lightening again at a radiohead concert."

7:00 weather looks like it is moving in. Was really sunny but just saw lightening from the south. Somebody check the doppler. Blonde girl parked behind us says she is "way done with college". We think she is maybe 25.

6:45 this is how people party in north carolina in the lot: beer pong, ladder ball, and corn hole. I love these people. Broseph has sold all the pbr's in 30 minutes for a $5 profit. He is wearing the kanye glasses and can sell anything.

6:00 in the lot. Lot scene much more lively than last night. Seems like people are smiling a little more and wearing less black, however I am wearing black. There is a well dressed.couple in a new bmw parked behind us and I already pissed off the cute blonde next to us by laughing at her when she said she was "over widespread panic." We are drinking coronas however broseph has pbr's to sell and a dude parked next to us just broke out some sushi to munch on.

5:00 We are checked into a craptastic extended stay motel. all three of us seem a little tired but are still excited for the show. going to pit stop at the beer store and head out to the lots soon.

2:45 pit stop outside of greenville, sc for gas and wendys spicy chicken sandwiches.

11:50 we are on the road. Couple of random notes from last night:

•During the heavy sections of paranoid android the lights turned red,white and blue, looked to me like a distorted american flag. Pretty powerful symbolism to me.

•we saw a couple on the bus over there that had a sign that read "today is our 10 year anniversary" on one side and "jigsaw falling into place" on the other. They were down in the pit and thom acknowledged the sign saying something like "congratulations, but we aren't playing that one."

•in our observation, the girls wearing black dresses with sleeve tattoos at radiohead shows are usually pretty hot, but not very talkative or warm and friendly.

•we did not meet anyone from atlanta last night; of course we were staying at a hotel and took public transport. Still, we met people from savannah, pensacola, athens, tampa, chatanooga, nashville, denver(preggers girl) and destin were all represented.


Robert said...

Oh, me and the missus will see you guys tonight, we read your live Atlanta blog last night trippin balls from the suspense waiting for tonight. Find us, I'll have the pink hair/chucks. Might have to... partake.

Dobaksa said...

seems the like shows just keep getting better and better... wish i was there.

Anonymous said...

not trying to be a dick but they did not play fluffhead or moma dance haha

Pauly said...

Not to be a dick, but you obviously missed the joke.

the joker said...

ok, fine, the moma dance was just a tease. just blogging what i heard. hearing thom sing "that banker has got some powerful pills" sent chills through my body.

Anonymous said...

the bird in front of my friend and i said she was in atlanta the night before. so no worries, there was someone there to represent all that! (wish i had the time and money to do it, too)

Anonymous said...

With respect to the sign with the anniversary and the request, didn't Thom Yorke say moments later to "put the sign down" and "not bring it back up again" or something to that effect?

Anonymous said...

War the blond literature major that I met in the lot

aka Vanilla thrice

the joker said...

With respect to the sign with the anniversary and the request, didn't Thom Yorke say moments later to "put the sign down" and "not bring it back up again" or something to that effect?

i just remember him reading it and then saying something like "congrats, but we arent going to play that one tonight" but i was not in the pit where those people were...we saw the couple walking in and the sign before the show.