Sunday, May 11, 2008

Grateful Dead Videos - Acoustic Ripple

Composed by Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter

My all time favorite Grateful Dead song. Not sure from what show this was ripped from. I'm guessing this was from the legendary October 1980 run at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, as Brent is on the keyboards, Jerry has a touch of grey but hasn't packed on the pounds yet, and Bobby doesn't have his doorknob ponytail, and isn't wearing his later attire of mountain biking shorts and birkenstocks. I know there was probably only one performance of Ripple in my touring days of 1984-1992 and I wasn't at that show.

A google search of Ripple performances bears this out:

Ripple was only performed about 40 times by the Grateful Dead. The first performance was in August 1970. The song was performed in acoustic sets in 1970 and 1980, a handful of electric sets in 1971 and as an encore once in 1988.

For me there is nothing like an acoustic Ripple.

A search of The Grateful Dead Family Discography shows that Bob Weir's Ratdog, as well as The Dead (post Other Ones) have covered the song pretty extensively.

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