Radiohead Setlist 5/17/08 - Houston, TX @ The Woodlands

Radiohead kicks off their two Texas shows with one in Houston tonight.

So far here's what we have of the unofficial set list...
Radiohead Set List - 5/17/08 at C.W. Mitchell Pavilion in Woodlands (Houston, TX)

Set 1: 15 Step, Bodysnatchers, Lucky, Morning Bell, Nude, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Apeggi, The Gloaming, National Anthem, Faust Arp, Videotape, Optimistic, Where I End and You Begin, Reckoner, Everything in Its Right Place, All I Need, There There

Encore 1: Jigsaw Falling Into Place, House of Cards, Climbing Up The Walls, Planet Telex, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Encore 2: You And Whose Army?, Idioteque

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And check back in with us tomorrow for the setlist for the next show in Dallas, Texas.

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Pauly said…
According to 58hours, Radiohead soundechecked these songs this afternoon...

15 Step
Jigsaw Falling into Place
Karma Police
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Rip (Portishead cover)
Wolf at the Door
Dollars and Cents
Wince Tuttle said…
The lightshow was terrific. Especially the 'Rainbow' part they pull out towards the end.
Thom was also energetic & bouncy, which I appreciate, for they have another show tomorrow & didn't hold anything back.
Weird Fishes is an amazing song, and they nail it live. This was the one that got everybody dancing. Or, at the very least, swaying.
Anonymous said…
what time was the soundcheck?
Anonymous said…
That was the best show I have ever seen live. The lights were amazing and the weather was perfect!!!! Radiohead is by far the best band in the world!!!
Anonymous said…
I just posted some videos for those of you who missed this simply breathtaking performance
Wince Tuttle said…
Soundcheck was 4:30-5:15.
Pauly said…
Thanks for the link to the videos. I published the link in a new post. Great job!
Unknown said…
I was there, anybody know where to get a recording?
Markus said…
I agree on the light show!! I'm pretty sure they played "Wolf at the door", don't know exactly where in the setlist.
They didn't. They only soundchecked it (Wolf at the Door).
Anonymous said…
my only issue is that they played Videotape at the WRONG time
Unknown said…
the lights at national anthem and planet telex were f**k**g amazing. i'm not sure which concert was better, this one or roger waters, but a simply breathtaking live show.
Anonymous said…
i flew in from Los Angeles to see this show because I couldn't wait till August when they came to the west coast... totally worth it. Radiohead effin rules however, people in Houston don't like to rock out. Nobody was dancing... all zombies. And what's the deal with Queso?
Anonymous said…
This is the third time my girlfriend and I have seen Radiohead live and, outside of the novelty of seeing them that first time, it never gets old. We flew in from Portland, Maine to see them and the show was phenomenal!!! The ONLY downside were a few of the rude, stuck up, rich retirees working the gates and parking lots at The Woodlands. Wasn't too sure how the setup at the Woodlands was going to work w/ a small "pit" area in front of the stage followed by a hundred rows or so of seats and then the lawn seats but after the show started the place was energized. As if there were any doubt, these guys are arguably the best live band around today.
Anonymous said…
Set list in Houston compared to dallas were vey similiar here are the differences besides order of the songs.

Set 1 Houston songs played not played in Dallas:
Lucky, Morning Bell, The Gloaming, Where I end and you Begin

Set 1 Dallas songs played not played in Houston:
Bangers and Mash, Dollars and cents, Wolf at the Door

Encore 1 Houston songs played not played in Dallas:
Climbing up the Walls, Planet Telex, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Encore 1 Dallas songs played not played in Houston:
Exit Music for a Film, The Bends, Fake Plastic Trees

Encore 2 Houston : Idioteque was the last song played here. This was played in the initial set in Dallas that is why 4 songs are different in the first set in Houston and not 3 as such in Dallas.

Encore 2 Dallas : So here Dallas gets an extra song in the encore which is Paranoid Andriod

So in total each city had the same amount of songs played and varied by 7 different tunes.
I thoroughly enjoyed the show in Houston and I am sure Dallas was just as superb. If you liked one better it is more likely based on personal preferance of the variation of different songs played.

In my perspective this was my second time seeing radiohead. the last time was 2004 such i did not mind if i did not here paranoid android or fake plastic trees - don't get me wrong it would have been the shit but so was planet telex and street spirit as the encore 1 closer.
climbing up the walls was amazing also

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