Monday, May 12, 2008

Radiohead MP3 Download - 5/5/08 West Palm Beach, FL - Audience Recording

Download Radiohead 5/5/08 West Palm Beach

Seems to be the better of the two sources floating around out there. Setlist:
Radiohead - West Palm Beach, FL 5/5/08

Set 1: All I Need, Bodysnatchers, There There, Reckoner, The Gloaming, Morning Bell, Nude, How To Disappear Completely, 15 Step, Weird Fishes > Arpeggi, Idioteque, Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was), Where I End And You Begin, Airbag, Everything In Its Right Place, The National Anthem, Videotape

Encore 1: Optimistic, Just, Faust Arp, Exit Music (For A Film), Bangers + Mash

Encore 2: House Of Cards, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Download link:

Video of National Anthem from West Palm Beach (Nasty NASTY version)

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