Thursday, May 22, 2008

STS9 et al. Summer Podcast Released - post-Joker Sex Jubiliation?

It's been almost 2 months since STS9 put out a podcast, perhaps Joker's make-up sex reminded STS9 that sharing is caring. Anyhow the podcasts are quality recordings and free, so good news. Also, it seems as though their mixing it up a bit and including other artists from their label, most jambanders will recognize Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) and Pnuma Trio, I'm excited to hear what Count Bass D is doing, I first heard him on a Spongebath records album 10 years ago.. We'll see, anyhow go subscribe to STS9's podcast via Itunes if you haven't already, or check out this webpage.

1. Shock Doctrine - STS9 2. Tether Ball Triumph - JFJO 3. BFF - Sub iD 4. Can We Hang Out Tonight? - Count Bass D 5. Need Some Hope - Collective Efforts 6. AVID - Pnuma Trio 7. Tokyo (Low Pro Lounge + Djunya Remix) - STS9 8. By The Morning Sun (Slicker Remix) - STS9 9. the paint - The Meantime Apocalypse 10. i feel free - Collective Efforts 11. (Regeneration Edit) aka. the Media pt.1 - STS9


the joker said...

"shock doctrine" sounds pretty good...

there is a rumor going around in colorado that murph is singing on some new joke. thats the rumor. i dont believe it but ive heard it a lot.

BTreotch said...

yeah so these hip hop songs on this mix are pretty shitty
otherwise, quality stuff !!