Thursday, May 08, 2008

2008 Jammy Winners

Scott from Hidden Track has a great write up of last night's Jammys in New York City. Check it out.

My buddy Kid Dynamite was also at the Jammys. He wrote a recap called Laddy Dahhddy We Likes to Pahhtay.

Page and Trey played but not together. And no, Phish did not play together. The boys did however receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. And no... Fish did not wear the muumuu.

Page performed Magilla and Cars Trucks Buses with Roy Haynes, Nick Payton, Christian McBride, and James Carter. Trey sat in with the Fab Faux for While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Here's a quick list of winners...
2008 Jammys Winners

Live Performance of the Year: Gov’t Mule @ Bonnaroo
Tour of the Year: D.U.M.B.
Studio Album of the Year: The Conch - moe.
Archival Release: Three From The Vault - Grateful Dead
Download of the Year: Headphone Jam - Phish
Live Album: Live at Murat - UM
Song of the Year: Cadillac - Keller Williams
DVD of the Year: Progressions - Disco Biscuits
New Groove: Cornmeal
Photo Credit: Reax Magazine


Daddy said...

About time Cornmeal got some love. Caught them about 7-8 years ago opening for YMSB at the Vic in Chitown.


Anonymous said...

Digital Buddha

Kid Dynamite said...

ok doc - i managed to get something written...

let me know if you hear anything about why Phish didn't play! there must be a reason!

Blabhabla said...

Anybody know where I can get some purple jeans like Cactus?!! I'm thinking those jeans might have the potential to start a fashion revoltion... or at least spawn the best... and worst dressed categories for next year!!!

Congratulations guys.
Thanks for the many memories.

mike k.