Radiohead Setlist 5/18/08 - Dallas, TX

A friend of mine will be texting in the set list info from Radiohead's show in Dallas, TX tonight at the Center. It's their last show on this leg of their US Tour.

Here's the unconfirmed setlist so far... (follow links to YouTube videos)
Radiohead Set List - 5/18/08 Dallas, TX

Set 1: All I Need, There There, 15 Step, Bangers and Mash, Nude, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The National Anthem, Dollars and Cents*, Faust Arp**, Videotape, A Wolf At The Door*, Optimistic, Reckoner, Everything In Its Right Place, Idioteque, Bodysnatchers

E1: Fake Plastic Trees, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, House of Cards, Exit Music (For A Film)***, The Bends

E2: You and Whose Army?, Paranoid Android

*first time played this tour
**Phil Selway films Thom & Jonny’s performance
***Thom responds to a heckler: "You’re a funny guy"
Curious about how often a song is played? Check out the 2008 Tour Stats Page.

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Anonymous said…
wish i wouldve gone... wolf at the door wouldve been amazing, as well as paranoid android. i cant believe they didnt play it in the woodlands! idioteque was definitely a great closer though.
GIS Chimp said…
I was at the show. It is so cool to post the set list. I was trying to track the list on my phone but as I'm not a "true" Radiohead fan, I had some question marks. This helps me fill in the blanks nicely.

Cheers, all!
Anonymous said…
multiple sources are reporting that "Pyramid Song" was played after "Nude" in the first set.
Pauly said…
Yeah, I noticed that too... thanks for the heads up.
Anonymous said…
The "heckler" wasn't heckling he just yelled out a poorly placed "WOOOO!!!" during a softer point in "Exit Music (For A Film)"
Thom then responded-
"You’re a funny guy, why don’t you stay after the show and I’ll show you something funny.”
Anonymous said…
incredible show!! bodysnatchers was unreal.i also met thom yorke in the elevator of my hotel on the same day. i wonder if he would have been pissed had i told him i flew in from NYC to see the show.
Anonymous said…
Hey I think it was "Anyone Can Play Guitar" instead of "The Bends" in the Encore 1. Thank you for the playlist--I was trying to track it on my ipod all evening but knew I missed two or three of them!
Anonymous said…
Oops! You were right--it was "The Bends"! See, I knew I missed a few songs! Sorry! :-)
Anonymous said…
BTreotch said…
excellent linkage phan
Ryan said…
what hotel did you meet thom at?
Anonymous said…
the W. he wouldnt let me take a picture with him. i still love him though.

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