Thursday, May 08, 2008

Radiohead Atlanta 5/8/08 - Live Blog

11:45 its raining hard and we are standing underneath the cover of a gas station across the street from lakewood amphitheater. Its a hilarious scene of wet hipsters trying to get on the bus back to the marta station. Btreotch is trying to find out what happend tonight on lost.

11:30 dance party in lot, clusterfuck getting out by car or getting on bus. Chaos.

All I need
There there
(Rain enough to get wet)
15 step
Where I end and you begin
Pyramid song
Weird fishes
National anthem
You and whose army?
Everything in its right place
Bangers + mash
10:20 end of set

E1: gloaming
Talk show host
Faust arp
How to disappear
10:45 end of encore

E2:paranoid android!!!
House of cards
11:00 end of show

8:58 lights out

8:40 broseph talks about how the lawn is a cooler scene than where we are. The people are way cooler, more freedom. A free for all. Its a matter of taste. I am like a moth to the lights so I like to be closer, but I see his point.

8:12 the liars are finished. We have seats but the pavilion is smaller, we are not covered. There is a straight up pit that would be awesome to be in. The kids in front of us will be 21 in june.

8:05 I buy a $4.00 water inside the venue, we find our seats. All these amphitheaters look the same.

7:30 lot shenanigans continues. We pass up a face value 14th row seat from a pregnant girl. Lots of pregnant girls at radiohead shows for some reason. We have seen 5.

7:08 the rain has passed. We are standing in the lot where people are streaming in. Times we have been offered drugs:zero. People with extra lawns: hundreds. Cute georgia peaches: enough for an honorable mention. Broseph calls the walk in "parade of the awkward".

6:40 light rain. We find other crew that went to the other shows and drink beers.

6:30 last 5 artists heard in lot:
Pearl jam
My morning jacket
Phish (mikes song miami)

6:02 btreotch sells his extra lawn for $40. Broseph buys pbr's for $1 each. Lot scene is now mild.

5:45 scene in the lot is non-existent. Btreotch tries to sell our extra lawn. I can hear all I need be soundchecked. Weather looks threatening. Ticket scalper with baby stroller is shaken down by cops.

5:35 a young buck sold us 2 pavilion tickets for $60 each on the bus to the venue. Average age on bus: 25.

5:30 we make radiohead happy and reduce our carbon footprint by taking MARTA to the show. I am wearing my W loves phish/mike drops bombs tshirt and have already gotten a comment (mike does indeed drop bombs)

4:00 btreotch shoots and scores! Accommodations at the hilton downtown for $75 including tax through hotwire.this aint no phish tour- we be big pimpin on the 20th floor! Broseph is ironing his shirt for some reason. The hilton wants to nickle and dime us, though.$17 for parking and $18 for internet access. Bitches.

1:15 gas stop at exit 101 northbound on 75 to atlanta. Gas is $3.59/gal. so far we have seen more religious themed billboards(6) than confederate flags(3). I am lobbying to stop at a dairy queen since we are in the south. Broseph is confident that he will be able to pick up a local girl at the show who will provide a place to sleep tonight, while btreotch and I are opting for a motel room.

12:20 we have entered the great state of Georgia. Passing over 5000 t-shirts at magnolia plantation. We ate a great breakfast with strawberry shortcake in ocala, fl this morning. The sign on the diner reminded us that "you don't go to hell by accident." Indeed.


Anonymous said...

:) love you lads! Ya'll are welcome back to Ocala anytime you wanna get donkey.

2:20 just pulled into the campground with mama dukes, 2 cats and a parrot.

2:21 looking at the ocean.

Pauly said...

Awesome updates... keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Pregnant girls at Radiohead shows = shagging to Paranoid Android...

I'm just sayin'...

Dobaksa said...

dude... are they playing the same set each night?

that's kind of weak...

awesome blog by the way, man.

Dobaksa said...

skipped bangers and mash tonight... ok, let's see where this goes...

btw i'm listening to the mp3s as you post them and watching baseball :)

Dobaksa said...

damn! i wish they played talkshow host for us @ tampa!!

Pauly said...

was wondering when they'd bust out paranoid android...

Dobaksa said...

good job guys... you going to charlotte tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

thanks y'all! going to CLT tomorrow.

@modernmentat said...

Thanks for the set list. Great blog. I'm sure you guys are livin' it up. BTW, my wife was at the show with me...pregnant.


Hi there. We were big pimpin' on the 21st floor. I hope you checked out Trader Vic's while you were at the Hilton.